New Secondary Subjects (Mechanical and Tailoring) at Nakhjavani School

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From the 2023-24 academic year onwards, students at Nakhjavani School will be able to opt for additional vocational subjects in the Secondary grades. Up till now, the Secondary school offered the ‘Pedagogy’ subject, from which students get a diploma in teaching that enables them to take up teaching jobs. From now on, students will also be able to opt for the ‘Mechanical’ and ‘Tailoring’ streams. Both these streams lead directly to employment opportunities, without the need for students to undergo further study at university.

In order to execute this project, GoCongo Foundation is investing in a range of mechanical and sewing equipment for practical learning, as well as new classroom buildings with large rooms to comfortably accommodate students and equipment. GoCongo Foundation will employ specialist teachers for these subjects, will sensitise the local community to the new opportunities, and will forge connections with local employers to enable job opportunities for graduates of these new subjects.